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New Modelling Mag to Hit The Streets!

News that Airfix are launching a new modelling magazine.

Will have to keep an eye out for that one me thinks!

Tea with Sugar? Urgh!

I like this statement on tea:

Tea - The Daily Grind.

Only because it reinforced my arguement about not putting sugar in tea. I met someone recently who likes sugar in her tea, but not being English, she didn't understand why sugar in tea was such a bad thing. Saying that, I tend to drown mine in milk, so maybe I need to start drinking it without.


And another thing, the templates are messy. On my screen I've got bits all over the place. And at work, for some security reason no doubt (ohhh, Deletetheweb is a dangerous site?!), half the CSS doesn't load properly either, which makes it worse.

So, need to tidy up that sidebar for starters. And get all my links updated, including Twitter and Facebook. Busy weekend then! Shame I'm full of cold :o(

And on the Friday

The last time I blogged, properly, was November 2008. I'm now trying to remember what all these draft posts were for. And believe me, nearly 2 years of life has passed since I wrote the title "And on the Friday". Hmmmm, maybe I'll just go through my diary and type in what happened?

Anyhow, time to start blogging once more. After last week's Agoonoree, I said to myself, "Time to make time for Al, and what he enjoys doing" ;o)

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