7 Years

And it still feels like yesterday.

Been digging through stuff since moving into Jules mum's. And I found the original CD that her brother, Chris, did for me for the funeral. I'd done a montage of photo's of Jules to music. It was projected onto the wall of the church, whilst people came in. Not all the songs are available on YouTube, but they were:

Del Amitri - Tell Her This
The Beautiful South - Little Blue
Sting - The Book of My Life
Coldplay - The Scientist

Brought the emotions of the day flooding back. How I tried my hardest to say a few words, and ended up chocking up and crying. How so many friends turned out both at the church, the cemetry, and then the wake. The wake, which I remember little of, other than it was a great celebration of someone's life.

T'is time for bed, and as my eyes close, time slips back to those happy memories. It's not saying I'll never love again, but I've lost the love of someone I never imagined I would.

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