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Hello, I'm Ill, Can Someone Help Me?

I really don't like the underhand way in which the current Government is announcing things. Throw away comments in the media, or making random statements whilst visiting a hospital.

The latest involves NHS Direct, and the news that the helpline is being scrapped to save money. Of course, the opposition are up in arms, claiming it's the thin edge of the wedge, and the beginning of the dismantling of the NHS. Although, apparently it was in the Labour manifesto. Hmmm, missed that one I'm afraid.

Lord Prescott (still can't get used to that!), has a few words on the BBC about it. All I can say is, I hope the new 1-1-1 service is just as good. Although I can't see how it can be, and cost less than the current service, without some reduction in quality.

Beer of The Month for July?

Got a couple of bottles of Greene King, Very Special India Pale Ale from Tesco's last week. Wow!

Always a good sign of a good beer is not realising what strength it is until you stand up to go back to the bar for another - and find you're just a little wobbly ;o) So this one definately hits the spot. 7.5%, but tastes and goes down like a 4%. Will be getting a few of those for the fridge, and those cold, damp, Autumn evenings.

The Joys of Owning A Classic

The Golf played up on the way home last Friday. First the clutch slipped, the cable coming out of it's guide, and then to compound it, after opening the bonnet to fix it, the bonnet catch spring broke! :o(

The clutch cable has managed to pull itself almost through the metal guide on the gearbox (a sure sign the clutch itself is going). So a new rubber sleeve and all's new again.

The bonnet catch was more problematic, as it appears it's now obsolete. But thankfully the actual spring that broke is common across quite a few catches from what I could work out on Monday. So I managed to salvage one from another car and get it fixed. Just need to sort out riveting it back on the slam panel. That's this weekend's job ;o)

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