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Another Great Night Out

Good food, great company. Nuff said :-)

This Time Newcastle Didn't Draw!

Stevenage have beat Newcastle in the FA Cup :-)

And the first time, it went to a draw. Infamously, United manager Kenny Dalglish was asked by Jeremy Paxman on BBC Newsnight : "Are you a big girl's blouse?" after trying to get the venue moved.

Stevenage are doing well for the first season in league 2. They might even emulate my home team with back-to-back promotions - dare to dream?

MoT Time Again!

Car's in for it's MoT. Dropped it off at the garage on Friday, after the CV joint started making a noise.

He rang back Friday afternoon with the bad news. Some welding on the nearside sill, were the tyre place jacked the car up and crushed it :( Also, as I suspected, the rear drums are shot. Although the CV didn't fail. In fact he reckons having packed it with grease it's fixed it. So, not as bad as I thought. I would've done the drums myself, but it's too cold, wet, and miserable at the moment, so he's going to get it all done over the weekend. Can't wait 'til Monday when I get the car back :D

Going through all the old paperwork, I can't remember the last time my car passed first time. I'm determined to spend a little more time on it this year, in the hope next January I can blog that it's flown through ;)

25 Years Ago Now

Tom, our DadFinished another day clearing cupboards, packing boxes, and making up piles and piles more stuff for the charity shop and tip. I still can't believe the amount of stuff accumulated in the house, loft, under stairs cupboard. Things I didn't realise we'd even kept, Jules must have stuck it away, hidden for me to discover one day.

In and amongst today's boxes were a load more old photo's, including one of Dad, which brought a tear. I blogged 4 years ago - 20 Years Ago Today - Alan Bell 's Weblog. It's now 25 years ago, and hard to think that in a few years time I'll be as old as my Dad. Time really does tick by.

Cry A Little

Today's the first day I've spent going through stuff, sorting out piles for the charity shop, stuff to shred, and things that can get stored in the garage. And I'm still finding things, even after 6 years, which Jules had put away in a box for safe keeping. Lots of memories reopened, letters and memento's rediscovered. I'm crying, and yet smiling remembering all those happy times so many years ago.

In between opening and emptying boxes I went back to Jules blog, and re-read this page - Jules' Weblog: Something I Found. I'm smiling now, my eyes are open, bring on 2011 :-)

Clang Turning Left

CV joint on the Golf is dry, at least I hope that's the explaination for the clanging and clicking noise coming from the nearside wheel.

The offside needed doing this time last year, so it's no surprise with all the salt and water over the last few weeks that the nearside needs doing. Just hope the rain stops long enough to have a look at it. Fingers crossed that's all it is, otherwise I'll be without transport the first week of the New Year :-(

The Best New Year Eve Party Ever!

Well, probably, certainly the best in the last few years, In fact I can't remember what I've done on New Year's Eve in the last 6 years. Usually a bottle of champagne, at home, alone, with Jools on the telly. So last night I rediscovered why it's good to spend the dying hours of the year with good friends and good company.

Wonderful conversation, a brilliant game of chocolate Trival Pursuit (although it reminded me just how old I'm getting), a few surprises, and a great pint of Yellow Snow ;)

Whatever happens in 2011, it started in a way I'd never have guessed if you'd ask me to yesterday :)

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