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Playing Badminton Again

And doing rather well :-)

Restarted back in June and managed to join a local club, Strings. Had a couple of matches now, and currently unbeaten in 3 and second in the league :-)

Really enjoying it, and it's doing my health no end of good too, although the post-match beers are probably wiping out the calories burnt off during the match ;-)

Where Has The Time Gone?

Over six months since I last blogged. And I've been rather busy!

Lots of trips all over the country and Europe; Paris, London, Bristol, Stevenage, Warrington, Workington, Darlington, and Hull. A fantastic six months packed with lots to do, and lots of friendships made and rekindled :-D

Anyway, I'm back online and blogging, twitting, and facebooking again!

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