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What A Soaking!

Back from yesterday's outing. Bailey can't remember most of the day, but then we were drinking for quite a while. He doesn't even remember the all-you-can-eat veggie curry I dragged them both to, just down the road from Kings Cross station :-O

Up early-ish this morning, and treated them both to Dad's Cafe and a Dad's brekkie, just the rememdy for a hangover :-D

The rest of the day's been spent taking advantage of Bailey's transit, and grabbing wood, screws, and a worktop for my garage. Ian's been busy at work drilling holes here, there and everywhere, as well as suspending stuff from the roof. It's looking good, and hopefully will be complete tomorrow before they dash off.

We also did several more trips to the Garden House Hospice shop with old clothes, furniture, and the like. The house looks even more tidy. Although, as Mum's taught me, I've ended up buying some stuff while we were there. A fantastic picture for the living room. I won't say what, you'll have to pop round for coffee and come see. But it's been something I've been looking for for ages ;-)

Right, it's raining now, and the taxi needs booking, so better get off and start buying the guys some beer. After all, I've been project managing activties all day today, so it's only fair I get the beers in now ;-)

The Old Soaks Pub Crawl

It's been a while since I've been on an Old Soaks outing. In fact, I can't remember the last time. Which, I'm told, is a good indication of how much I must've enjoyed myself ;-)

The format, simple, several real ale pubs in and around London, between 12 noon and 6pm, or thereabouts. Today, it'll be starting at Blackfrairs, and then following the trial up along Fleet Street.

Bailey's down, and Ian's coming along too. So I'll have chance to introduce them both to the joys of London and The Big Smoke ;-)

The Big Day

Spitfire's at the Vets for his "Big Op". Well, he's having a tooth out, as I mentioned last week. But to him it's a big op, certainly from the way he reacted when I dropped him off this morning.

Shouldn't be any problems, apparently it's all a minor thing and low risk. Once he's out and woken up I can go grab him. Then it'll be home and a quiet night in for him whilst the anaesthetic wears off.

35 Years Of Family Business

I mentioned the TEQ Awards the other week, and how GT Electrical, the family business, managed to get into the top 3 for the fourth year running.

As with all other years, the news gets circulated to the local press. But this year the coverage as been fantastic :-D A full page spread, with some rather interesting pics of Nige, including taking pictures from within a washing machine (as him!). Of course, I've now got to pull my finger out and get the updates online too, including eBay links. Huh, wish I had the time.... ;-)

For those unable to get a copy, the full article can be found online, on the Hull Daily Mail's website - Hull Daily Mail | Repairers Voted In UK Top Three.

When Times Flies By More

Toby - Jules' little boyIt's 5 years since Toby died. A long time since it happened, and yet I can still clearly remember driving home the night before, with chocolate cake and roast chicken. He'd been on a diet for months, only to find he'd a growth in his throat. So we had a monster party with all his favourite foods.

I took him round Fairlands one last time, with Laura. He struggled to walk in a straight line, and that was really the point I realised it was it. And yet he still managed his usual energetic wagging when Jules got in from work that night.

As I quoted on another entry on my weblog, it's not the importance of what we leave behind, but more how we live the life we have ;-)

He's Obese!

Spitfire had his annual checkup and boosters last night at the Vets. And, as part of the check, he's been weighed.

I said to the vet I'd noticed he was quite a bit heavier when putting him in his carry cage. I've changed his food, the latest Whiskas Fishy food being on special offer, and vouchers enticing me to buying that in preference to his usual Asda salmon and tuna.

So, unsurprisingly he's clinically obese :-O 15-20% overweight. So he'll need to go on a diet. We'll be sorting that out after his op.

Strange Files

Doing a routine clean up on the PC at home, and up flashes a virus warning, :-o, on the following files:


So, off to good old Google to find out what terrible infections have gotten into my PC once more. And, sure enough, found some info on the Java ByteVerifier applet. Appears I need to download ANOTHER security update. The joys of Windows, eh :-(

It's also been really quiet tonight. This might explain why ;-)

Richard Hammond

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Richard HammondSome sad news tonight, BBC NEWS | TV host seriously hurt in crash. Sounds like one of the stunts for the new series went wrong this evening.

Was watching one of the "Best of Top Gear" last night. Sure, they're always doing wacky and sometimes dangerous stunts. But I personally think it's now the best TV driving programme around. It's also surprising who watches it - Mum and Janet usually remind me it's on!

Fingers crossed he's okay, and that there'll be some good news on his progress to recovery tomorrow.

Broken, whoops!

Having just cleared out over 1,000 spams, commments, and trackbacks, I've managed to remove all the valid links too :-(

All fixed now, but anyone who's linked here in the past, it'll need resetting unfortunately. And, more importantly, the comments will work again :-D

Serves me right for not watching what I'm doing and rushing things :-o

Candle Power Saves Energy

News today that a survey has revealed homes in the north of England are more energy efficient than those in the South. I knew this, all along, after all a true Yorkshire man is defined as a Scotsman with the generosity extracted. And, as mentioned in Jonathan's recent post on Hull, it was part of God's country when we were born, so I'm a Yorkshireman too ;-)

It's surprising the impact of recycling and energy efficiency on the running costs of a home. I reckon I'm saving a fair amount now with all the energy efficient bulds round the house, thanks to GT Electrical ;-), as well as recyling just about everything I can. In fact it's reached a point now that I'm filling a bin bag every 3 weeks. Of course, it doesn't mean I'm throwing less bags. Not having a proper bin means I can't leave stuff out for more than a week. Shame, but I guess down here the idea of wheelie bins hasn't hit home yet. Of course, it does mean the local family of foxes has a good meal every Sunday night ;-)

Would You Believe It?

It's been a long day, up in Birmingham, for the car club's committee meeting. And with the rear wheel bearing making more and more noise, I'm glad to be home.

On the way back, literally minutes from the front door, the handbrake stopped working. In fact, it felt like the brake cables had given way. Imagine, then, my surprise, to find that the nut holding the cable to the handbrake lever, had worked loose.

Needless to say, last time I'd adjusted the brakes I left the locking nut off. Don't ask why, but I did. But I'd never have thought it would work loose like it has. Five minutes and all back together again, and I have to say the brakes feel much better. Which isn't exactly surprising, now, is it!

Jumpers For Goalposts

After last night's fantastic Hull City game, I was really looking forward to today. A trip to Cambridge, a few beers (medication allowing), and then the big game - Cambridge United v's Stevenage Boro.

What a disappointment :-(

Sy and Ray found a great pub, the Kingston Arms, for the pre-match preparation. 8 real ales, no lager, and excellent food.

The game was rubbish. Stevenage played nothing like what I'd seen earlier in the season. The passing seemed to involve kicking the ball as high into the air as possible, and not, as you'd hope, toward a fellow player. Result - United's players just waited for the kick, and ran to grab the falling ball. How it only ended at 1-0 I don't know, as United deserved to score more.

So, to finish the day off on a high, we went and had a curry. And bloody good idea that was too :-D

Tigers Roar!

Watched the game at Rileys, and what a corker :-D

After all the bad games, this was a fantastic show of what could come. And Danny Mills was amazing, I can't believe he's a loan from Manchester City - how can they want to let him go? Some brilliant ball play, passing, a real football game worh watching. Glad Andy suggested trying to see if we could find somewhere to show it.

Full match report on the Beeb, Hull 2-1 Sheffield Wednesday.

Anyone For A Harrier?

Doing the rounds on the various websites, on my regular online catchup, and found this gem, via another site, on eBay - Sea Harrier for sale:-O

It's being sold as a part exchange by Keltruck, a company specialising in Scania vehicles. You can find full details are on their website, with pictures and information. Now, question is, do you think I've room out in the carpark if I shifted a few of the Golf's...;-)

Feeling Rough

Back from hol's, and the insect bite has grown. Got some pills from the doc's, but they're making me feel really lousy. So, no more work for me, off home to bed. See how I feel tomorrow.

Another TEQ Award

Off up North today, and over to Leeds for the Domestic & General TEQ Awards. This year's been hard, and that's seen in the results, with GT Electrical gaining a credible 3rd place. After the last three years, it's not surprising that everyone else has upped their game. And with the difference in scores of as little as 0.01, every customer report counts. Of course, Nige has thrown down the gauntlet for next year, so expect GT Electrical's performance to up a gear ;-)

Also it's 2 years since Auntie Maureen passed away :-(. I know I keep saying how time flies by, and that you can miss it if you blink. But it does, doesn't it.

Some encouraging news...

Having spent the last day reading story after story about the demise of Humbrol, and the resulting collapse of Airfix, some encouraging news that good old Frank Martin, ex-Humbrol, and of Hornby recovery fame, could be interested in rescuing Airfix. After a year which has seen Hornby grab a number of insolvent model firms, including Lima, it does seem to fit with their business plans. After all, Humbrol are definately "in solvent", and "in paints", and "in plastics".... Hmmm, I'll get me coat...;-)

Other news includes a pretty good story on Newsnight last night, and further news on the BBC online.

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