MoT Time Again!

Car's in for it's MoT. Dropped it off at the garage on Friday, after the CV joint started making a noise.

He rang back Friday afternoon with the bad news. Some welding on the nearside sill, were the tyre place jacked the car up and crushed it :( Also, as I suspected, the rear drums are shot. Although the CV didn't fail. In fact he reckons having packed it with grease it's fixed it. So, not as bad as I thought. I would've done the drums myself, but it's too cold, wet, and miserable at the moment, so he's going to get it all done over the weekend. Can't wait 'til Monday when I get the car back :D

Going through all the old paperwork, I can't remember the last time my car passed first time. I'm determined to spend a little more time on it this year, in the hope next January I can blog that it's flown through ;)

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