Big Night Out

and nearly Bailey's last night out.

Nige appeared around 7pm, on his own, it seemed. Then a small elf-like individual tried to smash the front door in. Which would be scary if it wasn't for the fact he was wearing a haloween costume - they start early up't North you see. Shortly after that someone else knocked too. And then 2 girls appeared, although I couldn't possibly confirm it was Jules little sis Laura and her friend, since Laura's grounded at the moment ;-)

So, with Nige, Bailey, and Tez in tow we hit the Old Town. A few beers, jugs of vodak-red bull, and then a curry at the Taj Mahal. We then got a lift home from Janet, Jules Mum. It was at this time that Bailey saw his life flash before him, as he fell from Janets car as she pulled away. Or at least that was the official story.

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