No Chance of a Lie-in?

Out last night for Carl's birthday drinks. Nige stayed at home, taxing and food-ordering, having been under the weather all afternoon. Probably over did the furniture removal's ;-)

Woke early, Ian again eager to get on with things. I've now got a decent stereo in the car, replacing the ancient one I got with the car with something a little more up to date. To give you an idea, I now have FM, this new fangled frequency, which I must say I enjoy most heartedly.

Off to B&Q to sort shelving for the shed, and then time to rip out everything from under the stairs.

There's already 3 bags of rubbish outside, and I think it'll be getting bigger before the day's out.

Pics of the night in the extended bit...

Ian was keen to make sure he was the first to wish Carl happy birthday, with a customary birthday kiss....

Carl seemed suitably shocked, and very unimpressed ;-)

Ian tried to hide, by playing on the fruit machine. Disappointing, as there wasn't any fruit as such...;-)

Time to go home, and Ian soon found a bed for the night ;-)

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