Shit Day

...and lousy nights sleep.

Spent most of Saturday fixing the car, running to and from Halfords for bits and bobs. Eventually decided it wasn't going to happen, so soaked everything in WD40, packed up, and came indoors to do household things.

Went round Janet's for the evening, had a monster fry-up and then watched some films. A little whisky too ;-) Sleeping wasn't pleasant, I guess crawling around under the car at my age has done me in. But a Radox bath first thing this morning soon sorted that out.

Finally managed to sort the car, thanks to the trusty Dremel. And Lee from work took one of the Golfs away, so the neighbours are over the moon. Downside of the day was discovering why the brakes are uneven - there's a crack in one of the pipes :-( I've got Monday off so I'll get a pipe then.

Tea, Top Gear (GTI Special!!), drinks and upstairs on the pc researching for tomorrow. More news as it breaks, as they say ;-)

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