Birthday Party

Went out around Hitchin last night for Alison's birthday, a friend from work. She's getting on these days, and will soon be hitting 30. Which I've taken time to remind her on doubtless many occasions. After all, that's what friends are for ;-)

Not remembering what Hitchin can be like for a night out, it was a real shock walking into the Corn Exchange. It used to be a place for music, beer, and drink. But it seems they've ripped out the central bar, and put in Bottle Bars around the side. A big dance floor fills the centre now, and it costs to get in. The net effect being that it's harder to get a drink, and despite the fridges, everything's lukewarm. Maybe I wasn't drunk enough, but it didn't feel like the place it used to be.

Otherwise a good night out, chance to catch up on things, and have my first kebab of the year ;-) Mmmmmmm, kebabs :-p

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