Friday, Time To Party

Well, went out for a few drinks, and ended up feeling like a night in. Friends from work didn't want to stay out too long, and I think, at last, the lack of sleep has caught up on me. So, home to watch the rest of Comic Relief, and cook a monster chilli, with, of course, the chilli paste, courtesy of Rachel, the chilli monster of Coventry :-D

Day itself flew past. Can't really remember what I got done, other than getting down the gym. Got a lovely surprise off Alison - some Terrorvision CD's. Gotta sit and listen to them now and learn the words ready for the concert ;-)

Also, got a text off one of the girls on the course. And she's buzzing too. Great things have been happening, and everyone's noticed a change for the good in her outlook and view on life. Feels great sharing all this positivity with everyone. I can't contain myself :-D

Right, time for bed. Another day beckons, and it ain't gonna get here unless I hit the sack.

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