The Weekend

Well, it would normally be at this point that I'd fill you in on what happened this weekend at Ruth and Phil's wedding. Except I've got big gaps in the weekend's proceedings, shortly after I started drinking Stella... ;-)

Spent Friday night round at Phil's, making sure he didn't go for a beer. Well, that's the official line, and we're sworn to secrecy as to what really happened. There's an empty bottle of Jameson's, and Sy won, which he never usually does apparently.

On to the day itself, and it started off well, the weather holding out, and the sun shining bright. Everything went to plan, Sy chief ushering, and the bride arriving on time. Then it was off to the reception and the party :-D

The reception and meal was fantastic. Geoff didn't let us down, with a long and humorous speech as father to the bride. I can't remember laughing so much in a long time, and copies of the speech will soon be winging their way around the email ;-)

Dinner over, we retired to the lobby, and checked in. Then, a quick change and back in time for the bar and arrival of the evening guests. Conversations with someone who's a close friend of Abi Titmus, (she was a VERY popular lady I can tell you), a rather nice New Zealand friend of Ruth's who's planning to travel the world on her way back home. Owh, and the hairdresser girls, who entertained me, Sy, and Geoff with their rhythm and dancing in the "disco room" until the wee small hours. Must sort out my haircut in Cambridge soon ;-)

As to exact details, like how I got back to my room, and when did I actually stop drinking, I can't remember. I've had the hangover from hell today, like someone had hit me with a baseball bat. But that might've been from falling over several times on the dance floor. I have to apologise for anything I did do, and if anyone can fill in the blanks, email the usual address. Photo's appreciated!

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