Dutch Dash

Just back from a weekend, or rather, day trip to Amsterdam.

A group of us, manly friends from the Agoonoree, and my little bruv, Ian, of now famouse comment-posting here. All got to Hull's ferry port for 7pm, checked in, and at the bar for 8 :-D

The trip was basically overnight on the Friday, Saturday daytime around Amsterdam, then back overnight to Hull, arriving Sunday morning.

Ian had been may times before, so knew the best places to go for a coffee or beer. And Burger King still do the Big King over there, a monster burger which they stopped selling in the UK for some daft reason. Coupled with lots and lots of Dutch and Belgian beer, as well as generous measures of whisky, it was a great break from reality, in many ways :-D

Just sitting, still in Hull, working out plans for the return South. Shame the weekend has to come to a close. But, hey, it's only 5 days to the next one ;-)

Some pics of the trip in the extended bit...

Dutch dash pictures 18 November 2005
Ian, concerned at what exactly he's let himself in for in agreeing to come with me and my friends to Amsterdam ;-)

Dutch dash pictures 18 November 2005
Nope, Chris is gone away to the land of nod. No matter how loud Ian shouts...

Dutch dash pictures 19 November 2005
Result, a cafe that sells beer and, cough, err, coffee ;-)

Dutch dash pictures 19 November 2005
Ian, bemused by Chris's antics, and magic tricks with his pint glass...

Dutch dash pictures 19 November 2005
"Where's me lager?". Looks like Chris has started to see things ;-)
Dutch dash pictures 19 November 2005
Ian, showing off the latest in "on-ferry" headwear ;-)

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