Hello? Is There Anybody There?

I know, I should've learn't from my last experience, but, rather foolishly, on Wednesday I agreed to upgrade my phone. Except, this time it was for the one I wanted, or so I thought. A misunderstanding, apparently. I said 6280, and they thought I'd said 6230. Suffice to say, it went back in the post yesterday, and that was that. Or so you would think....

Woke up this morning, and my phone's dead. Great :-( So I call 1st Fones (you'll love the website), and they inform me that the deactivation that should've been happening this evening has accidently happened last night. Err, right. But don't worry, in about an hour it'll spring back to life, as they've received back my upgrade this morning and have processed the return.

Well, all this conversation was at 11am this morning. And it's now nearly 6pm and my phone's still not working :-(

As an aside, I did find out why I'm getting all these unsolicited calls. I'm a Band 4 customer, apparently. Which means Orange authorised retailers get a whopping 200-300 if they can get me to upgrade and resign for a year. Which certainly explains some of their willingness to lie through their teeth to get me to accept.

I think I'll take a leaf out of Ian's book, and tell the next caller where they can stick my free upgrade :-(

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