Back from the trip North to teach Primavera to our North colleagues. Dropped in for a couple of beers in Stotfold, which turned into a night. So didn't technically get back home 'til this morning. To say Spitfire was pleased to see me would be an understatement. I've struggled making sure he hasn't followed me into work. In fact, even now, if it wasn't for the fact we've security doors everywhere, it wouldn't surprise me to have him jump up on the desk right now ;-)

A good night out, in fact, and just what's needed after 4 odd hours in the car. The weather hasn't helped, it's rained practically all the way, with the occasional bit of snow thrown in for good measure.

Anyway's, better get on with catching up on all's that been happening in the last day and half. Want to get away early today, the weekend starts here :-D

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