You're Havin' A Giraffe?

BBC News| Food scarcity is hitting sparrows. Image: Ray Kennedy and rspb-images.comNews this lunchtime, that the decline of the house sparrow could be down to a lack of insects during the summer months.

What's more frightening is reading that the house sparrow's been put on the Red Data list of bird species of conservation concern, due to their decline over recent years being more than 50%. How long before it becomes a rare bird, rather than the common sight in everyone's garden?

Janet gave me some bird feeders just after Christmas, having had a couple in their garden. It's increased the visitors, including the neighbourhood cats. A wider variety of birds visiting now, although not as many Blue Tits or Great Tits as I'd have thought, the Starlings seeming to take to what I would've called the more normal feeders for the tits. Owh, and Spitfire's taken to going outside more too. In fact, he recently lost another collar, I wonder if that's anything to do with his new watching habits?

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