Hull's Washing Machine Repairers Website Updated!

Minor update to GT Electrical's site completed. I'd forgotten how long it'd been since I last updated it back in January. And like with all the other sites I look after, I'd lost track of changes. So what should've been a five minute job turned into a whole night's work. Serves me right for not having any config control on this one ;-)

Added the news of the latest TEQ award, including the HUGE article that was in the Hull Daily Mail. Also linked the eBay stuff in, although I'm going to have a butchers at making that a bit more clever with Ian's expert eBaying help ;-)

Yes, and before you start, I know frames are soooo last year. Once I've finished the 2 sites for our work intranet I'll fix that. Of course, I won't use the company tools to do it ;-)

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