It Starts Here!

Woke up on the first day at the Agoonoree, and have to say this campsite is top notch :-D

As I've mentioned, we're at Bradley Wood Scout Camp, Brighouse, just off the M62. Cracking site, with a well laid out hut. The best bit is the outside eating/activity area, which has a scaffold pole and corrogated sheet roof. Ideal for all the activities we would normally have indoors. And with the weather forecast to be good for the week, I can see us eating outside under here every day :-D There's also lots of activities on site, with archery, shooting, high ropes, and climbing/abseiling. Should be a good week, all in all.

Stayed in the hut last night, having got back from the pub well after dark, just didn't fancy putting my tent up. And, to top it off, putting it up this morning, and the front hoop cracked :-( Ian, it's an Easy Camp Taranto 500, have a butchers on eBay for another one ;-)

Just got to wait now for everyone to turn up, then we can get started proper ;-)

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