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Reading the news this morning, Jeremy Kyle's on the way down it appears. This is after claims yesterday an alcoholic guest on the programme was plied with lager, and earlier in the week a judge branded the show "a form of human bear-baiting".

Maybe, finally, the show is being seen for what it is, and will go the way Kilroy went, and disappear from the screens. I somehow doubt it, there's always going to be a void for this sort of thing. And, lets be honest, that's all the independent tv companies seem to be chucking out at the moment.

What depresses me most is reading Jonathan's blog, and realising where all the TV money should be going. Instead, it's being spent on all these trash shows. I guess it's a measure of society, everyone likes to see everyone else suffer. And, I have to admit, I do enjoy some of these, like Airport, just for the insight into how impatient some people can be. But dragging people in front of the camera's, to then record the arguments? :-(

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