Highs & Lows

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Today's been a day of highs and lows.

The highs - sorting out the last major project to move to Primavera. The data transfer using my MS Project macro to automate the process between SAP PS and Primavera, including stripping out the Christmas shutdown so that the calendars don't conflict. And the end result, a programme of 7 years being only 8 minutes out. Fantastic! We'll see by Monday what the manning and cost looks like, but at the mo' it's looking good. 2 days to transfer and sort, compared with 3 months when moving from the previous system to SAP PS. Job well done I say!

The lows - it's exactly a year since we were told of Jules' final diagnosis. I still haven't written to Mr Dorward at the Royal Free to tell him. I'm slowly putting a letter together, but it's taking a lot longer than I thought it would. And I can't believe a whole year has gone by since that evening in London. It also means the conference on alternative treatments will be coming up again soon. And I promised the guy who told us, that these so-called Vitmain B-17 things would cure Jules of all her ill's, that I'd return a year later and permanently punch his lights out because, at the time, I said he was promising the impossible, and he said I was kidding myself. Well, in the case of brain tumours it looks like this B-17 shit didn't work as advertised. Apricot kernels full of cyanide, killing off the cancer cells. And it wasn't available commercially because the big pharmaceutical firms can't make money out of something that occurs naturally. You know, like aspirin, or penicillin. I regularly use white willow bark for headaches, and the mould of the melons down the supermarket when full of cold. It's a damn shame they can't isolate these things and mass produce them cheaply, say, in an easy to swallow tablet form. They'd be onto a sure fire winner there. But I guess, like the mystical B-17, it's naturally occuring so the big pharmaceutical firms can't make money out of it. What an absolute crock....

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What a load of arse! (*)! Dont forget to "laptop" him ar kid!!!

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