If Only Everything In Life....

Well, having set off North to Telford for Ulitmate Dubs, I suppose it was inevitable that something had to go wrong. After all, the last few long journeys in the car have resulted in disaster. Either road delays, or breakdowns. And this was no different.

Looks like an overheating problem AGAIN :-( One of the pipes I replaced, admittedly with a second-hand item, split and started a slow leak. So, with my 5 litres of water in the car, another old sock, and tie-wraps, I bandaged it all back together and limped home. With only 3 old pipes left, I think I need to sort out replacing them all. Another job for next week.

Having got back, and on advice of a friend in the club, I set to and flushed the complete system in reverse. Stripped out the radiator, and left that to soak in descaler. Although, looking at it, I reckon a new one is in order. All back together, and as of about an hour ago, it all seemed to be holding together.

All in all not how I wanted to be spending my Saturday. In fact, I should now be sat in a bar drinking beer, and not, as I am now, getting ready to jump in a bath and have a long soak.

If only everything in life was as reliable....:-(

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