At A Loose End

So, with plans for Ultimate Dubs in the bin, I was at a bit of a loose end today. The local GSF store's not open Sunday's, so no chance of doing anything worthwhile on the car. So, an opporunity to investigate why my Hoover vac has suddenly started screaming every time I try to do the vacuuming.

Now, it did originally die with a burnt out motor. And being one of these "Not A Dyson" bagless vacs, Nige had said it'll more than likely be a blocked motor filter. And, sure enough, the filter I found was certainly blocked. Full of dog hairs, plaster dust, and crap. Notice I said "found".

Anyway, having done all that I was assured of years of problem free suction. Except, last weekend, cleaning the place ready for inviting Dawn round for dinner, it went all "ARRGGHHHHHHHH" on me. Hmmm, must be a filter problem.

Now, as I'm sure any bloke reading this will vouch, instructions are for the weak. There's no point in a manual, except to teach the female population how to use something. After all, a man invented it, so all men should know how to operate it. Well, if I'd read my instructions I'd have known there's a further exhaust filter buried up in the handle of the vac. And THAT filter was really blocked up. So much so, a piece of carved granite would've been of more use.

Thank god I can order all these bits online and get them delivered to G.T. Electrical. Okay, no cleaning for the next 2 weeks (hurrah :-D), but I'll have another exciting rebuild job when I bring back my box of bits from Hull ;-)

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