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I'm sure it's been commented on elsewhere, but catching the Gadget Show earlier tonight, they were showing off the Lego Mindstorm NXT.

They're the latest development from Lego, a robotic Lego brick ;-) They contain three motor/power ports and three sensor ports. Open source software allows you to develop programs, and a bluetooth interface gives you the ability to control it via another bluetooth device, for example your mobile phone.

On the programme they demonstrated one that reacted to sound, using a sound sensor "brick". You can get a whole range of sensor "bricks", including touch, ultrasonic, and light. Also, servo motors so that the bricks can move about.

They're out in the wild, and priced around the 180 mark for the Lego Mindstorm NXT Make and Create kit. You'll guess what I'm after for Christmas ;-)

Of course, for me it follows on from last week's announcement by the MoD of an open challenge to the UK. Just hope no-one else catches onto the idea of building a small, insignificant autonomous plastic object that can carry a coke can sized payload over rough terrain. I mean, who'd want to do that?


Oh yes! Now watch this and ask yourself where Lucas got the idea for podracers from?!

Just because I know Alan will fement in singing it to me at some point in the future.

May I just add that I hate adverts and have simply put these links up for your pleasure. tara

Ohhhh new lego!!!

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