Here's The Bill

So, if you remember, dear reader, of the phone I apparently agreed to, and was sent last Wednesday. Well, I received a bill from T-Mobile yesterday. Which I promptly rang up and cancelled. Very helpful, and said not to worry as this sort of thing happens all the time.

What's more worrying is the fact that all the necessary information to process the order was taken from the phonebook, i.e. address, name, etc... And all they need to get you signed up is a "Yes" over the phone. You then have 7 days to say "No" and return it. Except in this case, the particular company, or their agents, Savant Sage, send you it, process the order and billing straight away. So, if you're not happy, tough, as the bill's already in the post.

Oh, and the other little discovery yesterday was that my free Orange upgrade wasn't. Having made sure, I thought, that I didn't loose my option to upgrade to the phone I wanted once it was back in stock, it turns out I have. Well, technically I can upgrade, but it'll cost me 180 :-O And better still, as I allegedly agreed to a 12 month extension to my contract, it'll now cost over 200 to get the phone I actually want :-(

I've left this one in the hands of Orange Customer Care. The result will be told to me on Wednesday. Watch this space!

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